Hello Blogging World

I’ve been told my whole life that my life is quite an interesting tale and lately, I’ve been through my fair share of things. Having a fresh start in life, getting closer to God and coming to the realization that everything I thought was real wasn’t. It usually takes a traumatic experience for us to admit to ourselves that we need a change and we need to get it together. I hope that my life stories that I will begin to share with you will not only encourage you to persevere when you feel all hope is gone, but help you believe in yourself when no one else does. I can honestly say now that I’ve put God first in my life, it has enriched my life in more ways than one. Not everything He wants me to do makes sense but I do know that I am here for a purpose and that purpose is to help others. I believe that the words that I will write in this blog will help many and empower you to become your best self. I may not have much to show for it, a pot to piss in or be wealthy in the sense of money and possessions but I have acquired great knowledge in life, lessons, business and values that my parents have shown and instilled in me from a small girl. This also includes me making a whole slew of bad decisions along the way, or as I like to call them, do overs. I don’t regret anything I’ve done as it has only made me stronger, but I’m proud of the leaps and bounds I’ve grown. As I say all the time, if you’re not growing in the sense of progress or learning something new, you are in fact dying. There are so many experiences and different things to learn about in this world and if you decide not to be adventurous and try them, you’re missing an opportunity to have something completely transform and impact your life in ways unimaginable.

I hope that this blog does inspire someone to continue to persevere through any obstacles that seem insurmountable or maybe come to have an encounter with God that will fully transform their life, but more importantly go after your dreams. Some of the things I will be talking about are my uncanny childhood consisting of growing up on a college campus at such a young age that has shaped how I think and my perspective of the world, living with a genius and learning so much from them from the subtleties of life to even the most complex things and how that has significantly impacted my life in more ways than one, my relationship with God and how losing everything was the best thing that happened to me and yes, my many do overs and weird encounters that I’ve had throughout the years to just get ahead! Remember, you can’t let someone hurt you unless you allow them to so try to rid yourself of negative energy, surround yourself with positive things and people that not only believe in the same things you do but will motivate you. I look forward to connecting with you all and talk with you soon!