Highly recommended UX books including usability, accessibility, design patterns, user research, gamification, strategy, interaction design, product design, lean / agile ux for startups, and designing thinking. We’ll be adding more books into the list over time.

Books — Get started in UX Design

  1. Ux Lifecycle by Jeremy Baines and Clive Howard
  2. UX For Beginners by Joel Marsh
  3. White Hat UX: The Next Generation in User Experience
    by Trine Falbe and Kim Andersen
  4. Smashing UX Design — James Chudley and Jesmond Allen

Books — User Research

  1. Mental Models: Aligning Design Strategy with Human Behaviour
    by Indi Young
  2. Interviewing Users: How to Uncover Compelling Insights2 May 2013
    by Steve Portigal
  3. The Inmates…

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GSIUXD Slack Community — India

When we started our UX design community way back in 2015 on WhatsApp, there were merely 10 members, and now it has become a Slack community with over 3000+ members running under the name GSIUXD. We have dedicated channels for portfolio feedback, job posts, questions, etc.

…Time has come to give you a brief about our UX design community. You must be eager to know why this community exists or even started. It began in 2015…..

Let’s go back to 2015, shall we?

The WhatsApp group named UXDC was initiated by Lalit Salunkhe in April 2015. It was formed exclusively for all top UX designers and leaders…

Yes! You heard me, it’s possible to share a Medium post privately, and it’s just a matter of adding few clicks before you can share the link with someone. But, you may ask…

Why one should prefer to use Medium as a template to compile a UX portfolio/case study.

  1. It’s responsive — just focus on your content
  2. Don’t forget it’s for readers & writers — no more hunting special fonts to test how legible it is
  3. Get more organic traffic for your projects (if it’s in public) — if you want more people to view your project compilation, and add…

Get Started in UX Design (GSIUXD) is a dedicated UX designers of India for the most passionate Indian designers. We want you to grow as a UX design leader by learning & exchanging ideas, tips, and many more from top and experienced designers and mentors — FREE.

🚀 We traveled so far from our Whatsapp community having 10+ members into a 3000+ members on slack (read our story), and now on the Clubhouse + Discord 👋.

Come join us in building the most engaging community to learn and mentor in the field of UX Design, we want you to build and sustain our very own learning design culture.

Be part of our biggest UX Design Community on Discord now.

We don’t provide food or shelter but UX Education that is 100% FREE 🤓

In the past, I wrote an article Should I work for a startup or MNC? via LinkedIn Pulse and it was more about the pros and cons in general. Since I was getting a lot of requests via messages & emails, I thought of writing this article that can help some UXers. So let’s get it started!

“Getting a UX job” is nothing but one of the trending products for hiring authorities to check its specifications, conduct expert reviews by its stakeholders, do a competitive analysis, and verify if that can give “return of investment” (ROI) — before placing an…

In the rise of smartphones and the fall of users trust is what’s happening these days. For instance, recently there is an app called Money View that can tell you all your expenses by reading SMSs. Isn’t it cool!

But then, it breaks the consumers’ trust, especially when they read by reading your SMS. Consumers won’t be comfortable (at least in India) when such services CAN able to read your SMSs, that means what if they can read my bank accounts (obviously not), but the biggest pain point is “how to educate such users so that they will feel safe” is the key factor that we all need to think first; consumer first and their problems first :) and then anything else.

Get Insights From Real Users | Photo Credit — Martin Wessely

You’ve already pitched your product concept to x number investors and secured a decent amount of funds that you wanna spend for the development. You set the timeline; 2 months including design + development. Aren’t you excited…

to design and launch this app for consumers? If that is the case then what pattern are you going to follow? How are you going to cater your target user group? Let’s assume…

the fact that you’ve decided to go with Android first as per your market (not user) research. To find such answers, you must conduct USER research (not MARKET) research; especially…

First published on Linkedin Pulse

The purpose of building a product is not for the sake of building. Each product is built with a specific need in mind. And you know that being a designer. For instance,…

if you remember when Nokia released its first Communicator, which was introduced in 1996. The major features were fax, email, smart messaging, world clock, making notes, managing calendars, etc. That’s called…

the PDA aka Personal digital assistance, which was running under Symbian OS, much before the rapid evolution of Android, iOS and BlackBerry smartphones. That was a product particularly built…

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