Do me a favor. Kill the term UI/UX
Kshitiz Anand

True that Kshitiz Anand and thanks for writing in-depth. Few months back I posted couple of posters on LinkedIn for the same reason. It’s true that the term UI/UX is not globally accepted, and world’s top tier companies would never post job titles like this; either User Interface Design or User Experience Design. But it’s mostly found in Asian countries for several reasons as per my following observations from different perspectives:

  1. Scenario A (job seekers) — No more jobs in Graphic Design, Animation Design, Web Design, New Media, etc. So let’s put everything into UI but to get more attentions from recruiters/hiring authority, let’s add UX as well. So it becomes UI/UX.
  2. Scenario B (job seekers) — Being into user interface design, I also know how to think out of box, come up with tons of ideas, create wireframes based on my final designs,…what else! Yes, I know Google Analytics & Balsamiq, so I know UX as well that leads to UI/UX.
  3. Scenario C (Recruiting Agencies) — We have a UX requirement from a startup having the following skills and 60% matches with our recent shortlisted candidates. So why not share their profiles + skills and change their titles from Information Architect, Interaction Design, Product Design, etc. into Sr. UX/UI, Lead UI/UX, Principal UX/UI, etc.
  4. Scenario D (Startups/Founders/CEOs)— Our product is early based, and we have a lot of pressures from our investors in order to gain more user database. We’ve already defined our roadmap 6 month down the line having x number of product sprints to be worked upon. Due to lack of time, we can’t hire a designer who will spend x amount of time on users to provide some qualitative insights than someone who works on both such as work along with our engineering team, discuss with our product team to plan & execute, collect data from different sources, test with users, etc. So basically, we are looking to hire a designer who can work on both UI and UX (that leads to UI/UX) who has got experience working with consumer facing products or online portals and who can join us immediately.