Society and Socialization

Based off of the book, there are three types of societies. The preindustrial society was based off a hunter and gatherer, and natural environment. Men did the hunting, which involved the chasing and killing of wild animals. Women did the cooking and the cleaning, they didn’t ever really get out and socialize. In the feudal society, everything was based off a “hierarchical system of power based around land ownership and protection.” (pg 78). Men were worked to the bone to keep their land and women were slaves and sometimes were traded. Given I am a female, I do not wish to return to the older times when women were not equal with men. I also wouldn’t want to watch my husband or son kill wild animals.
I would like to live in our current society just based off modern medicine and female rights. The growth of knowledge on medicine, almost every disease is either curable or at least able to reduce side effects. Chicken pox and polio in today’s time is just a child sickness that can be cured or even prevented with vaccines. Also women are more equal now then they have ever been. We can also communicate with someone halfway across the world just by hitting a few buttons or using a cell phone. 
Alienation has four types, the product or the process of one’s labor, alienation from others and alienation from one’s self. Alienation from the product of one’s labor has a large tug on me. I woke up today at 4:30am to go and open at Starbucks. I open the store, make the coffee, make the tea, fill the sinks, and set the pastry case. I do the same thing every day. Every Starbucks employee opens the store the same way every single day. I don’t get to decide what I want to do or how I want to make the drinks or run the store. We all run the same way every time. 
In my life, I occupy the ascribed status, meaning I do not chose “(my) responsibilities and benefits…according to my rank and role in society” (pg 86). I am a female, a daughter, and a teenager. I was born a female, making it a status I did not choose. My achieved status includes being a college student, a girlfriend, and a mother to a wonderful dog. I have chosen my education level, my relationship status, and my lack of children which makes it a role I get to choose.