Stanley Milgram was a psychologist in the 1960’s. He wanted to know if people were good or evil. He made an experiment to test peoples obedience. In the experiment there were the confederates, participants, and the researchers. The confederates were “hooked” up to an electric shock machine, or so the participants thought. And the participants were to shock the confederates based on the answers to the question. While they were never really electrocuted or harmed, the participants were the real variables in the experiment. Most of them would freak out and not be able to shock them, some of them did. The overall experiment was deemed as highly unethical because of the trauma the participants withheld from the experiment. The researchers did not follow proper protocol as they did not protect their participants, and they lied to them about the experiment.

The Stanford Prison experiment is taught to beginner Psychologists and is known as one of the most unethical experiment since the Holocaust. Not only did the “prison guards” become “evil” but they also harmed the inmates. The inmates should have been physically protected as well as mentally. Both of the participants had been selected at random for a 2 week experiment in which they would part take a new role. They all should have had the ability to leave whenever they wanted, but no one was allowed to for some time. Again, the researchers lied to the participants, did not protect them from harm, and barely even helped them after the experiment was over. While they did receive the data to answer the hypothesis, their means were unethical.

During the Holocaust, Hitler wanted to do studies on twins and other people to see how the brain works. While they received a lot of information on how brains worked, the processes they used were highly unethical. Both experiments above did the exact same thing. It was highly unethical but advanced psychology as we know it today. The findings were not worth the harm done to the participants.

I would be interested in research. I am a psychology major and have participated as well as conducted my own experiments. The only forms of research I would like to participate in are real world experiments or observational studies.