We had annual inter house sports competitions. Prophet T. B. Joshua of the Synagogue Church of All Nations was always the patron of the white house. Whenever the white house won or came second they all dance to his church and he gives them a large sum of money in Celebration but the students never got any of these monies but they got glucose. Our sport master says glucose is the best thing on planet earth. I belonged to the red house, as usual we never really won anything tangible and we always came last. I still don’t know why those in charge deliberately put those of us with almost zero sports skills in red house. We had a song then that goes "red house lo ru, omo yibo lobaje". Then came this year that red house came second not entirely because we performed excellently in the sports but because the queen of our house that year was an exceptional dancer. Tope Ajobiewe got us the second position. I liked her after then but her shakara was too much. She was following boys older than me. Boys in primary six, boys who could run very fast and play football. I wished that old teacher of mine fulfilled her promise of the double promotion, Tope would probably have considered me too because i can fight Kung fu but i didn’t get an opportunity to showcase the skills that Abass Aliu taught me. Kung fu is not acceptable in the inter house sports.

I still can't remember why i abandoned my rubber sandals for the new leather sandals my dad bought for me in primary five. It was supposed to be strictly for church but i started wear it to school because i wanted to show that i wasn't as poor as the other kids. I lost the sandals after a while, i went back to rubber. My friends laughed at me but they couldn't for a long time because it means they don't get cashew fruit from me during lunch break and "tanfiri" and "ofio".

That still didn't stop Mrs. Udolisa from recommending me for the health prefect position. It was her who insisted that i be taken to any and every competition because of the spelling bee that i won. Mrs. Awodehin wasn't a kind teacher, she was always shouting to assert dominance. I never liked her. She said i was too dark. They said she was from Remo, i don't like Remo people, they're abusive. Mrs. Awodehin was abusive just like my teacher who said i was proud because i looked her straight in the face.

Dad gave me an army camouflage cardigan and i got to wear it only once to a health symposium in Baruwa, Ipaja. One of the facilitators asked if my dad was a soldier, i said yes. His respect for me increased. I came back home that Friday and decided to wash the cardigan so i soaked it in water first. When i was ready to wash i pulled it out and i had fabrics like paper in my hand. The cardigan tore apart in water. It should not be washed! I never knew and my dad too. I was delivered from some beating.

Some secondary schools came to our school to persuade us to enrol in their school once we were done with our common entrance examination. Welfare College promised the best three bicycles, Asmatech College promised scholarship, Vic Havilla promised nothing. I passed their interviews and should have been given the prices they promised but they didn't fulfill their pledge. Welfare College and Asmatech college don't exist again. It is my "head that catch them".

There was this secondary school just behind our school well known for Friday fights so one day my Friend, Biodun, whose dad have a money printing machine at home took me to see one of the fights. This time the fight was between a certain Abbey and a girl who wanted to date him by force but he wouldn't oblige. Abbey was a fine boy. Just as everyone stood by to see what happens next, this girl got a razor blade and tore Abbey's face to the neck. I saw blood! The head boy came and started beating the girl like a thief. Meanwhile there was this other boy sitting on a car during the fight, the owner of the car came and asked him to leave but he wouldn't. He climbed the car's bonnet and started dancing. The owner of the car, a lady, called the police. The policemen arrived a few minutes later, wanted to arrest the boy, his friends resisted and that caused a scene. The policemen seeing that things were getting out of hand fired tear gas into the midst of the students.

Chaos reigned afterwards....

(This is the part two i promised last night)