I like writing things that are kinda sweet,

Not like a true Nigerian’s savage tweet,

Or funny like your favorite Twyse skit,

Or hot like that kind Lokoja heat,


Or amazing like a Guinness world record feat,

Nor very deeeeeeeeep like some bottomless pit.

It can really be difficult to find words that fit,

I’d have to think ohhhh while pacing up n down until I’m tired and finally sit,

It’s not like I have to write them or have a deadline to meet,

It’s just an amazing feeling to see one’s words rise on their feet,

Off a person’s head… dancing to an unknown beat,

And to drop onto those blank pages and that’s it.

Writing can be of great help especially if your mind is in transit,

To help sooth your troubled mind even if only for a bit,

Or to take note of those moments that are totally lit,

It can never really be as sweet as fried meat.


But it can take you on an awesome journey if you’d only take a seat,

And have a sip with your fanciful wit.


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