The Celebrated Solution is phony

Now I'm getting pissed by the highly celebrated solution to "saving the environment".

Chernobyl in 1986 was a disaster, one which alarms my brain with fear.

Fukushima was another horror in 2011. In fact it'll take 40 good years to clean up the mess making the land unfarmable for centuries. Do the maths. To say the least of the plural quantification, 200 years is ringing!

Yeah. "They say", nuclear power will save lives, money, energy bla bla bla and finally help the green house effect. Ding! 
I beg your pardon, what happened to the emerging effectiveness of solar, wind, and hydroelectric (power) energies?

OK. Let me be fair. For informative purposes. 
Nuclear plants basically boil water to create steam to turn a turbine to make electricity but instead of burning fuel to generate heat, nuclear fission is used. 
Let's gracefully ignore the ridiculous rise in the % leukaemia and cancer. Also downplay the "cheapness" of making nuclear bombs too.

Nuclear plants at the end generate nuclear waste. Where do you keep the waste? Somewhere? Or in poor communities? Oh. Yeah. Nice.

The poor always accept everything coming their way especially when you attach 'humanitarian aid' to it.

Of course, you know where the waste is coming to.

Sometimes my "small" knowledge (of things) is a burden. A burden of informing others. A burden of perceiving an "invisible" fear. Sigh.

Credit: Boston Legal