How Air Conditioner Works

Air Conditioner:

An Air Conditioner is a machine that delights the air in enclosed area through Refrigeration Cycle. The refrigeration cycle replaces warm air with cold air. A complete machine with heating, ventilation and air conditioning is referred to be HAVC. The primary purpose of an air conditioner to give comfort by receiving the properties of air by cooling the air inside. If there is any problem with refrigeration cycle, the machine stops working. If refrigeration cycle repairs, air conditioner service is mandatory.

Refrigeration Cycle Working:

The refrigerator cycle consists of the heat pump, called as Thermodynamic heat pumps. The heat pumps are the machine inside the cycle that transfers heat from one location in lower pressure to another area in the high-pressure sink, using high-temperature heat source or mechanical force. The mechanical force in physics is said to be a force to do work while acting there is a displacement of the point of application in the direction of strength. As the mechanical force is applied, the heat will flow in the opposite direction naturally. The condition is called air conditioning, in which the refrigerated system pumps heat out of the room. Thus the pump may act as a Heater if the purpose is to heat sink and act as refrigerator if the purpose is to cool. Thus the heat pumps as per the choice that we choose.

In Common, the refrigeration cycle uses an electric motor. This electric motor is used to drive the compressor. This compressor restrained by the pulley on the engine crankshaft. The crankshaft is a part of the engine that changes up and down motion of pistons into the rotation. The both pulley and crankshaft use the electric motor for air circulation. When the heat gets absorbed, evaporation occurs. When the heat gets released, condensation occurs.

Refrigeration Cycle Process

The air conditioner designed in such a way that compressor cause pressure between two compartments and quick pumping of coolant around an enclosed area. The cooling liquid pumped to the cooled chamber called evaporator coil. Low pressure makes refrigerant to take heat away. In other compartment called the condenser, the refrigerant vapor compressed. The compressed refrigerant gas forced through another heat exchange coil. Finally, the forced coil condenses into the liquid which then rejects heat that previously absorbed from cooled space.


For the air conditioner to work, Refrigeration cycle is mandatory, if cycle repair, the air conditioner stops spreading cool air. At that period air conditioner service is mandatory. Choose a best air conditioner service company in Coimbatore with quality service at your door step.