What an Air conditioner Do to produce cool air?

An air conditioner produces cold air inside the room, known by everyone. But the air conditioner performs some function to make the room cool. In today’s life, air conditioner became a major part for everyone during summer. Let us begin how an air conditioner performs those functions.

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Functions Performed by Air Conditioner

Heat Removal:

Creating cold air inside the chamber is not an easy thing. An Air Conditioner unit does not create cold air, AC release heat from the warm air. One may wonder, how an air conditioner remove heat from the air?

An Air Conditioner consist of 3 main parts:

1.An Compressor
2.An Condenser 
3.An Evaporator

The room air moves over the evaporator coil, which absorbs heat from the air with the help of refrigerant.The refrigerant present in that coil flows to the hot condenser coil. The compressor condense refrigerant to make it hot, making hotter than the air outside. The air allows outdoor unit to absorb heat in the refrigerant, that flowing through the outdoor coil until the coolant cools. The coolant flows back until the room reaches the temperature set by thermostat.

When the coil gets dirty, the air conditioner works less efficient and cost more money. Thus one should service air conditioner one in a year. Here is a Service company provide quality service with best customer comfort.

Moisture Air Removal:

Hot air holds more humid than cold air. The moisture in the cold air condenses until in true into water droplets. You see water droplets on cold air because the air around the glass drops in temperature and the moisture that it can hold. Now we know that hot air moved over the evaporator coil. Thus when the hot air blown through these coils, moisture from the air condenses onto the coil and is required. Thus your air conditioner has a drain pan and line for all moisture that it acquired.

If the drain line never jammed, then there will be water overflow, that can cause drywall and even mold.In the case of jammed drain line, you must call a professional to service that air conditioner.

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Air Cleaning:

Finally, Air Conditioner cleans all the air, since AC has to filter the air flowing through the home. If one does not change the filter regularly; then your AC System will break down often and need more repairs due to dirt in the system. These dirty filters cause stress on air conditioner unit, which causes more bills.

Thus change the air filter every month during heavy usage. Thus servicing all these air conditioner repairs by a professional to make work AC unit better. AB service provides best AC service in Coimbatore for all these repairs at best cost. Servicing your air conditioner for air filters every month is recommended. Choose the experts professional, who make AC service at your comfort.