How the House of Halo continues to squander Destiny’s potential to connect deeper with players

Popular lore masters My Name is Byf, Myelin Games, Beard_Grizzly, and Joker recently sat down to discuss their hopes and fears about the narrative featured in Destiny 2’s Warmind expansion, and what this round table really highlighted to me was that Bungie has created a universe of lore in Destiny that people can really get lost in — just like it did with the original Halo games. However, it is very clear that the studio’s existing leadership has approved decisions that actively distance players from this lore.

The chief culprit here is the almost complete lack of exposure to…

On Yonder, Australian game development, and what the future holds

Alex O'Neill also contributed to this feature.

With a beautiful world and endearing call to adventure, Brisbane-based studio Prideful Sloth warmed many hearts this year with its debut title Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. Doublejump was fortunate enough to sit down with the veteran developers behind Prideful Sloth and learn a bit more about them, their aspirations, and their view of the current Australian game development scene.

DJ: What were some of your inspirations for making Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles and which one spoke to you the most? PS: Yonder draws on a number of well-known games offering different…

A novel feature doesn’t always make for a fun experience.

Data Realms’s latest early access title is a novel take on the popular “Metroidvania” genre — named after pioneering titles Metroid and Castlevania that blended platforming, action, and a strong focus on exploring large environments — that combines “physics-driven” movement with item creation. Planetoid Pioneers has the potential to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience, but its clunky gameplay and lack of a strong narrative keep it from being too memorable.

Having crash-landed on a strange alien planetoid, players are tasked with scanning and cloning objects to rebuild their ship and return home. Unfortunately, this early access offering features clunky controls…

Abir Chowdhury

Managing Editor @dbljump, game player, and burgeoning marketer from Melbourne, Australia.

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