Gaza Font is an initiative aiming to shed the light on ‎Gaza hidden stories. Stories that were kept out of the reach of everyone because of the deliberate and complete media blackout. Every letter and number are the beginning of a story little-known, now revealed and eternalized. As per their Facebook Page Gaza Font was created to immortalize the most resilient nation in the world and shed light on its unrevealed stories.

Little did we do when Gaza was under siege and bomb showers; little we can do now, and in this tiny space of hand that we can give, let’s join the discussion #UncoverGaza , download and use the font, read, talk and spread these stories in every way possible.

Hats off to the team of Gaza Font, Assafir Newspaper and Bizaroob for their brilliant work.

2 min and 37 seconds from prime time were dedicated to Digital Drugs, MTV Lebanon during its night time bulletin found yet another reason (you know their logic, other from the Syrian, the Palestinian and sometimes the Muslims) to make people scared and worried: DIGITAL DRUGS!

The title is so…

Abir Ghattas

An Activist, Raseef22 communications director, and a digital security trainer.

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