Sing the Song to Hell

Prologue : A boy in my class was singing so badly all the time that I wrote this poem and was forced to watch in horror as my freinds gave it to him.

Your singing is driving me insane.

It’s scrambling my brain.

I feel so drained.

Hearing you I want to jump in front of a train.

Please refrain.

This isn’t a game.

Your voice is lame.

Everyone in class thinks the same.

It would be a shame

If you ever achieved fame.

Shut up! Are you a tone deaf old dame.

You’re digging yourself an early grave.

I’ll show you no mercy if you don’t behave.

What is your aim?

What are you going to gain?

You cause me physical and mental pain.

You are my bane .

You! I’m going to maim.

Hearing you, Angels cry causing it to rain.

You really have to change.

Sing songs in your vocal range.

Your voice makes me see things strange.

Somehow I feel deranged.

I think I have to be restrained.

When the cops find out I murdered you,

I’ll tell them I was framed

Epilogue : After reading my poem the boy declared that this was a free country and continued to sing even more loudly.