Building credibility is one of the key prerequisites before initiating a podcast. Let’s take “The Game of Thrones” example again. I have a friend who’s an ardent reader and is one of the huge fans of George R.R. Martin. When he was reading A Song of Ice and Fire, he sent an email to George R.R. Martin, suggesting a different plot in a chapter and neatly narrated how he would like the story to progress. And what happened? BAM! A couple of days later, George emailed him back, appreciating his creativity to present a different viewpoint. Of course, it is one of the best feelings to see your favourite author acknowledging your efforts. This momentous moment is enough for my friend to build an audience and get them listen to him if he plans to start a podcast series on “The Game of Thrones”
Anybody Can Podcast!
Akkshaya Varkhedi

I still did not understand how we are going to do this ? I understand your example of your friend , but how is this implemented generally ?

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