Strategizing for Growth: Part 1 — The Growth Playbook

I had the incredible opportunity to distill down what I’ve learnt as a PM over the last few years into a framework and teach a few classes on how to approach growth from an analytical perspective. More importantly, how do you execute on those growth ideas that get thrown at you every single day. Over the last few years, I’ve faced some of these situations that I’m sure every PM would have encountered at some time while building their products:

— You’re a Product Owner and you’re trying to figure out what the current ‘health’ of your product is

You’re a Growth PM and have a few ideas yourself and about 10,000 ideas thrown at you by others, that you are trying to assimilate and figure out what to build or optimize for growth

— You’re trying to figure out if optimizing or fixing the current experience or building a completely new feature set for your product will be what will make more impact with your customers

This 3 part series is my attempt at answering some of these questions. Part 1 will be a framework that’ll help you build a strategy for growth for your product, Part 2 will go deeper into understanding how a product’s core loop is connected with engagement (engagement is one of the most important indicators of growth) and Part 3 will go deeper into modeling, identifying leverage and some practical examples on prioritization.

Couple of weeks ago, Stephane Colas and I presented this framework at USC Marshall, where we walked an MBA classroom through these concepts, and realized, this framework should be available to any growth PM out there. I’m posting the slides that I presented at the class here.

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