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In a previous post — The Growth Playbook, I introduced the concept of a growth framework, which is a series of steps that every product manager should think about while building a product. You could be building enterprise software — backed by annual licenses where you’ve hooked in users without thinking about usage and when renewal time comes, it is a race to re-establish the product value proposition or you could be dealing with fickle users in consumer tech with as few as 10% D1 retention, where creating a habit forming-highly engaging product is a matter of existence.

At the…

I had the incredible opportunity to distill down what I’ve learnt as a PM over the last few years into a framework and teach a few classes on how to approach growth from an analytical perspective. More importantly, how do you execute on those growth ideas that get thrown at you every single day. Over the last few years, I’ve faced some of these situations that I’m sure every PM would have encountered at some time while building their products:

— You’re a Product Owner and you’re trying to figure out what the current ‘health’ of your product is


There was a quote about on-demand economy that I read from a Sherpa Ventures deck a couple of years ago, that I found funny yet very insightful—

“On Demand Economy connects our village past to our economy future ”

While I’m typing this, my Postmate is about to arrive with my food from CurryUpNow (swear by their Kathi Roll), I get a push notification from Uber asking me to rate the last ride and I just signed up for Handy because I need help to install a new light fixture (hey, I’m an Electrical engineer, what about that?), and I…

There’s no PM who doesn’t love her/his tools. It maybe software that helps create complex models or a framework that helps them make design decisions when faced with a unique problem. Here’s a list of tools I use @ work.

SQL Editor (depends on what kind of data base the company has as a backend, but most visual SQL editors require basic knowledge in writing SQL queries)

R — this is a programming language for statistical computing and graphical representation of data. I use this tool for modeling anything in R.

StatPlus — this is a plugin that sits on…


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