My mentor once told me that writing enterprise software is a viable option to pursue as a startup. We both tried to identify good enterprise problems to solve. My choices, since, have brought me to Singapore and our paths have significantly diverged today.

Neither of us is running a startup today. I work for a pre-seed bootstrapped startup in Singapore. …

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via Pexels ( — Landscape from Lost?

We have been watching too much Lost. And like Fringe, Lost grows onto you. We have reached the last season. It does feel like the writers were forced to close with this season. Given a choice, though, they have content for at least another season. Of course, it is entirely possible that they already painted themselves into a corner and is impossible to keep the audience bound any longer.

Today morning, my wife and I had a long conversation on the concept of a Universal Basic Income. I find the idea very interesting. My wife disagrees. She thinks that nobody would remain innovative or productive without a strong reason. …

I’ve been on a mac for the last 8 years. My productivity has definitely increased by a big factor and I definitely like the fact that things just work. It has, at least for me. I’ve tried to learn a couple of new programming languages/tools in this 8 years and I must say I am able to focus more on the work than on anything else. It is sort of a kool-aid that I have fully drunk and have a big stash hiding away.

That said, I hate the new macbook pros. I am writing this on a 2015 model MBP. I feel that was the last sane model. Not that I hate the touchbar or anything — I have managed to graduate out of vim and emacs (and kinda lost that war to Sublimes and VSCodes). So I rarely punch the F-keys. But the idea felt it meant to impress the kids. Of course, the creative folks are all ranting about how AAPL may have ditched them. I guess the devs in between are fully affected — I don’t think this group was ever in AAPLs minds when they design or develop the macs. …

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