My 2016 Plan

Its already 4 days into the new year –

Happy new year!

I think its about time I created a plan and see how I fare at the end of the year. No resolutions here, because those usually fizzle out by February.


For the avid reader that I was, it is quite shameful that I haven’t read even two books in the last two years! I need to change this. Maybe I ll just pick some spicy fiction to get started.

Make ‘Arduino Daily’ better

I picked a pro account to make this more enjoyable for all readers. I still need to clean up my act and put together a good digest source that benefits all. Of course, I hope that will help sustain the pro subscription.

Join a startup

I don’t understand what I am waiting for. Must be the proverbial lizard that Seth Godin talks about. I need to fight it out. I should either join a seed stage or idea stage startup risking a salary or join a small sized company that can really use my skillset.

Get my own startup

Ideally, it should be this. But I am willing to trade this for working with a startup this year. Besides, all my best ideas are with the trend. They aren’t beating the trend. I heard you, waiting won’t get me ahead.

Build a portfolio

I am not a designer or a creative professional. But I believe anyone doing any work should have a portfolio – a showcase of their best work. Most of my best work is not posted online. Maybe because I did them in NDAed environments. So when I tell people I can do awesome work for them, it sounds silly. If you are awesome, let your github talk for you, right?

Learn a new skill

I haven’t seen a skills upgrade in close to 2 years. I desperately need to change that. I want to learn a skill that does not involve programming. Preferably something that has to do with meeting people, speaking, writing or some such softer skills. Or maybe learn a new language.

Sell something

A service, a product, an idea or a skill. I have never pitched myself anywhere. I have never had to negotiate much thanks to my school and my alma mater companies. That needs to change this year. I should sell some craft that I am a master at. Negotiate something, preferably not a salary.


I have been doing some small projects here and there in my spare time. But I haven’t put myself out there in a faire and showcase them to others. I want to do that this year. Singapore has a makerfaire and I should hold a booth later this year. Showcase something worth talking about.

Build a network

Presently, my network is entirely co workers and friends from school(s). I don’t have a circle that has people I met here and there and exchanged ideas with. This year, I want to have that. In the last two years, I have met exactly three people outside of work or friends. One if them is my wife’s boss, and the other is also her colleague. So maybe that does not count. Sad, but true.

And one last thing…

Be a good dad. This is also the year our Unta will turn 1 and start learning from me. So I need to be careful about who I am in his eyes.

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