The Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2015

I attended the Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2015 today. And here is what I loved most about the visit.

This one was for kids to create paths. A very simple idea that can keep your kids engaged for quite a while!

This takes a plotter and makes a latte artist out of it. Can potentially put a few baristas out if a job 😳

This booth tried to demonstrate WWII encryption/decryption. All you need to do is tweet with a certain hashtag. I did too and it really worked.

And a miniature version of a Raman Spectrometer. More than the display, the guy at the booth was very interactive and explained all the concepts inside out. I really wish these things were there in my school!

There was another booth where they had made a spectrometer out of the iPhone. Patented work, but the guy was very enthusiastic and explained the idea really well. Too bad I didn’t click any pictures as I kept watching his phone do magic with light.

Strawbees booth was excellent. They put a straw based bird shaped wireframe to a regular quadcopter. Added a simple motor to get flap motion and you have a bird. Beautiful to see.

This was a beautiful demo with the leap motion device. Too bad I never even read up about this one. Rather very powerful.

There was another booth that I loved but didn’t take any pictures. It was a arduino shield called anniken andee.

These folks had interesting stuff too. More than the shield I loved their configurable iPhone/Android app platform. I should follow up on this.

There were a ton others, but these are the ones that I enjoyed the most. And before I close, there was a cycling arena outside the venue and many were having a fun time at this too. Part of the faire, here are some pics to give you an idea of what it was like.

Well, that’s it for now. Happy Making.

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