Any colour as long as it’s grey

Is our quest for sophistication obscuring our need for colour. 

As we sit on our sophisticated grey sofas swiping and pinching at our sophisticated grey technology to be brainwashed by the latest grey car ad. Magazines are filled with the latest grey fashions, and people chat about their aspiration new paint swatches… with the colour sucked out. I started to wonder when it all got so grey, has our quest for sophistication obscured our need for colour, and how long will this particular shadow last?

Grey was the awe inspiring shine of the future, industrial monsters of science fiction space travel, the glistening shards of urban architecture, advancing technology, the brave new world, but that future is now and that vision has faded.

If you take away the light all colours revert to grey. Are we purposefully sucking life out of life. Are we relishing this predawn, is it a manifestation of pessimism, austerity, mourning? Then how did this grey become chic and sleek and elegant, and at what stage will it become drab once more.

Is it a downward pull will it all turn to black? Or are we waiting, cleansing from years of excess followed by times conflict, crisis and depression. Will we see little shoots of colour spring up again, slowly at first resonating against the great grey background, expanding to showcase bright products and services of the future.

I think it’s time to rediscover our need for colour, champion the lone orange car, accessorise our greyscale websites and shock the corporate landscape.

I think it’s time to flourish again. The future is bright. Richard of York did not give battle in vain.