Instagram Is Facebook’s Secret Weapon, and It Can Be Yours as Well — Here’s How
Dakota Shane

Instagram Personal vs. Business

I’m over 30 and I don’t have an active Facebook account. I do, however, use Instagram daily. It is so much more fun and interesting because it showcases visual images and video, not text.

If I’m going to read text, then I'm not reading it on Facebook. Personally, I’d rather read a post here on Medium than a Facebook rant any day.

From a business standpoint, I think Instagram’s usefulness really depends on which demographic you’re trying to reach, or if visual media is the best way to market your product. I work in a service industry, and Instagram is not the best vehicle for is to do customer outreach. We’re shooting for the 25–49 age group, and they really respond best to our Facebook initiatives.

For the record, we do still have an Instagram presence! It’s just not nearly as effective for us — yet. As the younger demographic continues to gain purchasing power, this will become ever more important. And, as Facebook continues to wither our organic outreach efforts, Instagram may become more useful, too.

If you aren’t on Instagram personally, I would highly recommend it. Professionally, I’d look at where your demographics respond best. Having a presence on Instagram is great, but make sure you’re putting your time into the platform that yields the best results.