The BEST Way to Ring in the New Year

I remember lots of New Year’s Eve celebrations from my past.

One year, we convinced my parents to let us stay up until midnight watching Mission: Impossible and James Bond. Several times, we spent the night at church hanging out with our friends, and playing fun games like “Sardines”. The one thing they all have in common: staying up to ring in the New Year.

That all changed when we had kids, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

This past weekend, one of the teaching pastors at our church shared some interesting comments people made to him and his wife when they announced their pregnancy. He said that their friends would all say, “Congratulations! We’re so happy for you!” But, then they’d follow it up with something like, “Oh, and you’ll never sleep again.”

These backhanded compliments were really getting under his skin. His wife is still 7-months pregnant, so he has NO idea what’s in store for them. He just feels upset because he’s getting backhanded compliments instead of unqualified congratulations.

What he doesn’t realize yet, is that he is about to embark on the most difficult journey of his life. It’s about to test his resolve in all aspects of life: physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual. I remember late nights with a screaming baby that tested all five at once! Literally, down on my knees praying, crying, begging and trying to stay awake all at the same time.

When you’re courting that special girl, all you can think about is getting a kiss when the ball drops. You get dressed up, so you look and smell nice. You don’t eat the garlic bread or the pizza with onions, so your breath doesn’t stink. Everything you do for the whole day is to make that one special moment happen. You live for that moment.

It’s funny how life changes in an instant.

Know what the best thing to see on New Year’s Eve is? The back of your eyelids.

Yep. That’s the best way to ring in the New Year.

If you’re pre-kids, you probably can’t appreciate it yet. You’re still out there having fun and trying to score a kiss with that special someone. It’s all about the party and the fun, and the “you can sleep when you’re dead” attitude.

You still don’t know that you’re living the “good ‘ole days”.

You should be sleeping. Resting up. Preparing for what’s to come.

Our pastor was so upset by those comments about not getting any sleep. He doesn’t realize they are a friendly heads-up. He is about to realize what insomnia feels like. You’ll wish you could sleep for a week.

No one is trying to say having kids is bad. You just can’t be prepared for how hard it’s going to be.

So, trust me. The best way you can ring in the New Year is to be asleep.

Do it now for your future, zombified-parent self.


Anyone out there agree with me on this one?!

Anthony writes about faith, family and fitness. He is the co-creator of the WholeDadChallenge. You can check out his blog at

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