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You keep accusing me of trying to prove the existence of God. As I have stated repeatedly, I cannot do that.

I have given you reasons for why I believe in God. Not the generic god that you have constructed, but a very specific God: the God described in the Bible.

I believe in what is written — that God is knowable. Not only this, but God’s plan for humanity is knowable.

And, I’ve shared some of the reasons why I trust this document. My experience of human consciousness and the miracles I’ve witnessed in my own life being two specific ones. I don’t expect these to be proofs for you. They are my personal reasons, and I find them compelling.

So, when you say there’s no evidence of God’s existence, I have to disagree. The record in the Bible provides ample evidence.

It is not scientific evidence — the kind someone wanting proof of God’s existence would require. But, it is evidence.

If there were half as much evidence of aliens or pink unicorns, you can bet whole university departments would be dedicated to researching them.

So, I return to my original point: if you are trying to find God with the scientific method, it’s not going to happen.

Belief in God requires faith. Not a faith devoid of rational evaluation of the evidence, but one that realizes that proof will have to come from within.