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The mainstreaming of geek culture in the last decade has driven renewed interest in the top end of comics and collectibles, from old Marvel superhero comics to Star Wars memorabilia. San Francisco startup Mythic Markets is giving fans an easy way to cash in on the craze.

It all started at the height of another craze: cryptocurrency.

In the wake of the crypto crises of 2018, and now the financial crisis induced by COVID-19, a lot of blockchain companies have…

Nikki Beach, Florida — Our digital media team had a blast at Decentralized Art, which was tied to the Art Basel festival in Miami. This unique event brought together an eclectic mix of artists, influential collectors, and entrepreneurs to explore the intersection of blockchain technology and art. And where there is fun, power and tech, there is Jeremy Gardner. We interviewed the creator of the Crypto Castle and the Blockchain Education Network.

The Crypto Castle has been featured in the New York Times and Forbes as the breeding ground for disruptors of money and power. At this dorm like house…

For Darryll DiPietro, CEO of Coincierge Club, community building is vital. Darryll’s team runs a fintech point-of-service solution for blockchain transactions. This means with this system, anyone with a brick-and-mortar business can potentially transact with customers.

Darryll meandered into fintech and crypto. After venturing into Hollywood for film and MTV music production, he fled for the Vegas nightlife to manage a few businesses. Then at Google, he worked his way up into operations for the Google store. Though with roots in Connecticut, he wasn’t drawn to the predictable path of going to an elite school and a Wall Street career…

St. Louis, Missouri — We interviewed Brian Dixon, a speaker on the inclusive finance panel hosted by the St. Louis-based Singularity University (SU). This organization teaches people about exponentially growing technologies that shapes our modern world.

Last summer SU launched its St. Louis chapter by focusing on the theme of digital divide, using advances in digital tech to reach underserved communities.

This time the forum is about inclusive finance. 1.7 billion worldwide are unbanked. There’s a huge gap in financial access and wealth distribution in poor countries, as well as advanced economies. …

Miami —In this episode we feature Antonio Mañueco of BetaBlocks, which helps decision makers and startups navigate the blockchain space with its education, co-building and acceleration platform. Antonio also brings together South Florida techies with his group Wynwood Tech.

We touch on these things: how to build a better pitch competition; why education is important with a new technology; and how people still don’t get the difference between blockchain and cryptocurrency. (iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify)

This interview is edited for clarity and brevity.

What is your background?

I’ve been developing since GeoCities web hosting era designing webpages. I immigrated…

As a team covering the blockchain economy, we’ve been intrigued by Civil, a media startup with a lofty goal of restoring the news business to its glory days. That’s when journalists shared quality news content and were closer to readers. But the traditional news market has been declining for decades. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of newspaper reporters dropped from a peak of 458,000 newspaper in the 1990s to as low as 180,000 in 2016.

Description: employment trend in news market

In the digital age, this industry struggles to deal with a broken revenue model. The culprit? Many point to…

We interviewed Steve Orr, SVP of Benzinga, just after attending a cryptocurrency forum at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Steve was former SVP at, a company that offers real-time live streaming market data for Wall Street and professionals. He traces his journey from politics to Wall Street and ultimately into cryptocurrencies. He sees large scale adoption from institutional players and society but acknowledges the risks of wild speculation and lack of regulatory clarity. (iTunes, Spotify)

Steve Orr, Benzinga & Elevate Capital Advisors

A Bit Cryptic-trace for us your Wall Street origins and how did you get first involved in cryptocurrencies?

Steve — growing up…

Tori Adams, DC-based blockchain innovator with ConsenSys Government, shares how her personal heartbreaks with opioid addiction fuels her passion for scaling back this public health crisis by connecting behavioral economics with decentralized systems.

Tori sat down with us to help break down this problem down at the economics, cultural, and regulatory level. She hopes that the community, in collaboration with industry and government, will be able to make real headway with blockchain.

Interview highlights below!

A Bit Cryptic: Tell us about your unique background and why the government practice?

Tori — I lead up ConsenSys’s public sector practice in DC. We’re trying to bring blockchain knowledge to the federal government, which has been a…

We sat down with Dr. Tra Vu, COO of Kambria and engineering professor at NYU, to talk about how to bring AI and robotics to the masses. If that comes true, she points out the broad social impact it would have for disabled children taking classes without physically being at school; seniors connecting with loved ones with the aid of robots; remote workers collaborating with onsite staff; and many other aspects of society.

The interview is on (iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher).

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Highlights below:

I am excited about…

We sat down with Ari Zoldan, CEO and founder of Quantum Media Group, which consults businesses on media information. He’s a veteran tech analyst turned on air TV personality appearing regularly on Fox, CNN, NBC, and other business outlets.

We covered the tech scene in Russia and intermittent fasting, to entrepreneurship and fake Amazon product reviews. We wax about how words can shape public perception of news coverage. Ari believes popular media has a poor understanding of what’s happening in the blockchain world.

Listen to our interview with Ari on (iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher).

Highlights below:

Ari Zoldan

I have peers…

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