Есть две причины, чтобы закрыть аккаунт opendatabelarus в Medium.

  1. отсутствие постов
  2. ограничение на количество статей в месяц для не подписчиков

Спасибо, что проявили интерес, и до встречи на igf.by 19го ноября.


I was always afraid to write after my 42 and 42.1 posts. Because writing takes two people — one to pour the mix of thoughts and ideas from the bowl of one’s head, and another to find an appropriate glass for that, fix articles and see if the author did not digress. That’s why many writers start with how do they feel about the writing they are about to do — to set some framework and mindset that both keeps them straight and sets the scope for themselves. …

It is again Thursday. I need to write. Not because I want to, but because
I set myself to write again two weeks ago for another 12 hours straight.

It was hard. Hard to look at this little green heart in the corner of a
Medium with a small number 1 on it. Somebody read 42. Perhaps he or she
left a comment. I did’t want to know what that persn knows about me know
or what he or she thinks. But really, why I was so afraid to click it if
it didn’t matter?

I could not bear with…

In a couple of weeks there will be my 35th birthday. I am not full of regret,
because it was all my choice, but looking at this, and knowing that for many
people this is far from American Dream, I still need to explain. Because I
believe I am not alone.

I am not alone man in 35th living with his parents, without his own house,
girlfriend, children or even savings. I am thankful for this beautiful day -
a birthday — that helps to reaccess where are you are and where are you

Just a couple of weeks…

Anatoli Babenia

Devil’s Advocate

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