Toastmasters Meeting Recap, Abuja Nigeria

Amazing, the simple truth is, if we have had any more member or guest added to the attendance of this evening’s meeting then we would have been outside the 🚪.

I want to say thank you beloved Toastmasters for honoring our invitation, and for coming along with your guests. Thank you for sharing the benefits of toastmasters you now enjoy to others.

We had Eminent (wotd) speakers give remarkable speeches, the quality of our meetings get more interesting and attractive.

I heard a Toastmaster from another club say ‘Unity Toastmasters Club is a Family.’

ShoutOut to the Women of Excellence, the Admirable DTM Titi and Tm Sonye.

Toastmaster Ore gave a speech empowering women to be coworkers and partners with men equally. She buttressed her fact from the Bible, the creation of woman in the beginning was to be a help meet with the man, to carry out duties and responsibilities in the garden of Eden. She won the best speaker from the CC manual, speech 6. This speech transcript would be featured in the 3rd edition of our eNewsletter.

We had Emerald Toastmasters, Aso Rockstars, Hatlab Toastmasters and a Toastmaster from Kaduna represented.

We recorded 60 persons in attendance, 3x the side of what a Toastmasters meeting should be. This clearly shows to us there are more and many more persons in search for self improvement. I beckon on you, direct them to a Toastmasters Club convenient with their schedules.

We had a chance to meet with DTM Mike Omotosho (Past President and Founder, Unity Toastmasters Club).

In a conversation with him as we presented the recognition award to the organization SHI, for supporting us with a venue for our meetings.

He mentioned something profound, in his words, he said ‘The Toastmasters program is a life long learning opportunity.’

He said the table topics and prepared speeches as I paraphrase, are not new to many of us, but each time these speeches are presented, in them are regenerated stories to always learn from.

‘Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives — choice, not chance, determines your destiny.’ ~ Aristotle


VPPr UnityTMC🏆