Why I won’t talk about Politics!

Well, Just to give you a brief background about me. I love being informed about what’s happening around and more importantly why it’s happening. I use to ask myself questions as to why a particular thing is happening, be it Wars, Terrorism, political and bureaucratic appointments, Historical events & figures right from Hitler to Mahatma Gandhi.

My thought process was highly influenced by my father’s point of view in my growing years which later developed my beliefs through information I gathered from various sources.

I always had a simple thumb rule “Live and let live and the most important thing in the world is humanity way beyond any religion or political thought process and MONEY”.

We are living in times where there’s excessive flow of information and everybody has a point of view about things. But this point of view is more controlled or manufactured by what is shown rather than what you believe. Everybody now a days has a stubborn point of view and that stand is on extremes. We have forgotten the teachings of some of the most eminent human beings of our land to walk on a middle path. Today you’ll either have left wing or right wing, republican or democrat, NDA or UPA. People form a liking and then find a way to justify their choice and deny the other one.

I use to love talking about politics with sensible people wherein the discussion used to be objective and unbiased where we use to appreciate the other side of the table for their good deeds. But now people judge a particular event/decision by who is behind it. We are witnessing some of the right-wing people winning the most powerful posts and decimating the opposition. Talking about politics now only makes you lose respect of the people you care, love and cherish. You get so much engrossed in these discussion that you tend to forget the beauty of relationship you had with that particular person. And on the top of this all, no one is convinced at the end of the talk. They will continue to sail on the same boat they started with because they will point out your negatives and you’ll point out theirs. Between this we lose the positives which is the most important ingredient of a progressive civilization. :)

As it’s the pursuit of happiness that matters the most.