50 iOS Interview Questions And Answers Part 4
Durul Dalkanat

I don’t want to dump on your work, really I don’t. I realise you are doing this to help people prepare for iOS interviews. However, for anything other than a basic entry level position, these answers aren’t going to help much because just learning a bullet list of answers isn’t preparing to answer any of the follow-up questions. Examples:

16- Explain NSManagedObjectContext,

How does it “manage” NSManagedObjects?

19. What is intrinsic content size?

What is the intrinsic content size of a UIImageView? What is the intrinsic content size of a compound UIView with auto layout?

39- Explain .gitignore

What reason would you have to put a .gitignore file in a subfolder?

And some of the answers are just wrong or incomplete. Examples:

3- What is ARC and how is it different from AutoRelease?

What does the answer even mean?

47- How to find the distance between two points (1x, 1y and 2x, 2y)?

How is it faster to omit the Square Root calculation

48- Explain Property Observer

What have controls got to do with this? Also, you missed out that property observers allow validation for new values

4- Explain differences between Foundation and CoreFoundation

There are differences in memory management. ARC does not apply to Core Foundation


So, I applaud the work you’ve done in this series, but I recommend that people reading don’t just memorise the answers, but use the points as guidelines for areas of study.

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