The Faith and The Crown

It is a pleasant day and age today, is it not?

All the hallmarks of utopian society, lying plainly before us.

Predictions of the modern, futuristic societies foretold by prophets at the turn of the century, so close to realization…

Flying automobiles and seamless communication. 
Shining monoliths in glass and metal. 
The present is every bit the modern day metropolis as it is real…

Nothing to concern ourselves with than the pursuit of the better life.

Efforts pointed in the direction of progress, the advancement of humankind.

It always intrigued me that in every sci-fi movie, whenever contact is made between humans and alien species, all the aliens speak a common tongue, and are of common intent…

These aliens, who arrive to invade us, they are united in their efforts to do it.

They are united in their pursuit of extinction.

Our extinction.

Which makes me wonder, that if man is to be united under a single banner, is conquest the only common denominator?

Well historically speaking, yes.

The last time an incidence united people with similar interests; it was not the vision for the betterment of the world, it was war.

Of course, one could say that the U.N is something that works with a much nobler agenda, but being an agent at the humanistic level, the people identifying themselves with nationality or any other framework simply cannot perceive it in the same way.

Nobody truly owes their allegiance to “Mankind”…

Hate is a better binding agent than the promise of prosperity. And fear, far better than hate.

Conflict taps into the rawest and most animalistic parts of human nature.

We take sides based on common interests, and then we act.

And it is easier to act if the sides have been picked out.

Being born into a construct of thought, ideologies that you had no say in, eventually shaping your self…

Belief systems, imbibed into the very fabric of your identity from the day of your conception, in thought, culture and in practice.

Coming with it sympathies, unquestionable and infallible… Undying hatred without justification… something only known to be “by the book”

Becoming a pawn, pre-programmed with a mind governed by thoughts not your own, and a prison that cages it, without you ever realizing it.

Rationality being your only salvation, but even that having a moniker in your belief:


Primal instincts that are “illegal”, denied to you to carve out your “identity”.

And all those who question that, identity condemned to the title of “infidel”.

The laws of man have no bearing upon you as you answer to phantoms of voices long forgotten.

Only misery remains.

This is religion.

And it must be separate from governance.


Religion helps unite, yes.

But to what extent, and under what pretense.

At the historical origin of all religious schools, the simple purpose was integration and order.

To unite warring clans under a single banner, a single entity, a single god.

One that sees all, hears all and passes judgement through his chosen lot, 
his men, his creation.

Salvation through blind obedience and conformity to his laws.

Men shackled by the words of others.

Those who do not, must believe…
Those who won’t, must die.

Morality reduced to merely a consequence of the fear of Hell and the anticipation of Paradise.

Religion brings with it, its own set of such pre-existent beliefs and cultural framework, things governance has little or nothing to do with…well, good governance anyway…

The most one can expect from an ideal government is that it helps accommodate every religious school of thought, whilst ensuring insulation from its actual function.

This is what is flawed about the implementation of democracy, for in democracy, secularism becomes just another tool to political groups… Something to sway the opinion of the masses, by promoting hatred against the minority, or simply by isolating choices.

A glorified school yard game.

Either way, progress is hindered, and the system struggles, limping on…

Separation of religion and the state is essential in ensuring that necessary policy is enacted.

On time.

Without hindrance.

Without a probability of misuse by the greedy.

Religious practice must be subject to one’s own philosophy, with no-one bearing the right to impose it upon others.

All the material is out there, and the interest pertaining to its practice remaining private and non-intrusive… affecting no other part of governance and/or livelihood.

Freedom of expression is a double-edged blade, something that mortal man has not yet demonstrated the competence to wield… 
And until that time comes, when he is ready to pick it up, productively being able to differentiate reality from belief, so should 
the crown be separate from the faith.

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