A man, a contradiction
As all great men are
Nnamdi is no different
A man, a legend, he is amongst us

His passion is felt, from far and near
And yet he moves, at pace, with grace
No rush, no hurry, always deliberate

Grand visions he preaches

From Mars to Pluto, and beyond the Oort cloud
And yet he’s grounded in the actions required
To move, persistent, towards his vision

Persistent he can be, on the targets he sets
And yet he’s able to remain so open
To change his mind to superior facts

The quality of his that stands above all?
His tact to douse the most tense situations
To find the words, approach and appeal
The smile, the story, the gaze and touch
To move, so gently, the minds of all
A win for you, A win for me and A win for all.