The Final Frontier of Video Games
Drew Coffman

I am powerfully drawn to this game, as someone who sunk uncountable hours into Escape Velocity, one of its clear spiritual predecessors. But when I consider playing it, I can’t overlook two objections that come up for me. First, it feels like ~90% of my gaming opportunity time is in iOS-only situations, so no game that I can’t play at least a limited subset of in those situations could feel totally immersive to me anymore the way I’d want this kind of galactic exploration to feel. But moreover, I can’t help but think about how much more fun such a game would be if it were *real*, and I kinda want to hold out for that.

Like, I would rather use my excess personal computing power to control *actual science robots*, even if they were only crawling around on rocks in our solar system or something — even on Earth — and even if their actions were rigidly defined by actual scientists. I can easily imagine that, and I feel kind of sad that No Man’s Sky seems so unreal and fantastical by comparison, considering how surprisingly possible the real-world version feels as I look at hi-def photos coming in from Jupiter and Mars.