Find Cheap Bosch Fridge Freezer Deals at Able Appliances

At Able Appliances, we believe the perfect home appliance should be designed and engineered for one thing above all else: to make your time spent in the home as pleasant as possible. Whether it’s cooking the dinner, doing the laundry or stacking the dishwasher every detail of every appliance has been carefully designed with you in mind. We boast of a well stocked Bosch Home Appliances range that will cater to your ever need.

With a diverse array of freezers from the Bosch range, Able Appliances is the place to visit for affordable deals on fridge freezers. We have spacious fridge freezers with plenty of shelf levels allowing you to customize and use space as needed. Reversible doors mean you can adapt it to your kitchen layout, too.

We have freezers with an attractive exterior design with an LCD display for controlling the temperatures of the fridge and freezer. Temperatures can also be remotely controlled by tablet or smartphone through the free Hoover Wizard App, via your Wi-Fi, which was easy to set-up and use. Some freezers have a freezing function for freezing large quantities of food quickly, which is easy to set. It also has a bright internal light so visibility is great and the door ajar alarm sounds after one minute, to remind you to close it. It has two spacious salad drawers, one slightly deeper than the other. Bosch develops technology that makes life easier. This also includes, for example, ensuring that with our upright freezers you’ll never need to defrost again. Because our ingenious No-Frost air circulating system takes the humidity in the air out of the freezer, thus preventing the formation of a layer of ice that clearly reduces the energy efficiency of traditional upright freezers. Thanks to this innovative technology, you save precious time and, in the long term, electricity too. The entire energy saving potential of the appliance is thus used to the full and tiresome defrosting becomes a thing of the past.

The available chest freezers have a massive usable capacity. In addition to providing plenty of space, they also offer extra security for the food stored. If there is a fault, such as a power cut, the contents of your freezer will stay frozen for up to 60 hours. Bosch American style fridge-freezers consist of a fridge and a freezer and are real highlights in any home. Here, clear design is combined with plenty of space for cooling and freezing and all sorts of innovations aimed specifically at keeping your food fresh.

Keep your food and your kitchen cool with one of our Bosch fridge freezers. They combine convenience, safety, performance and efficiency to deliver the consummate home refrigeration package. Bosch fridge freezers come in both free-standing and integrated form, so they’re suitable for any kitchen. On top of the qualities we’ve already mentioned, Bosch fridge freezers look great too, cutting a stylish silhouette that will add class to your cooking environment. With a Bosch fridge freezer you can be confident that you’re getting top-brand quality at an affordable price.

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