MIUI10 First Impressions.

MIUI10 First Impressions.

I have been using MIUI for the past years. Got The OTA for MIUI10 on my phone recently. What are the first impressions about the MIUI?
Let me Tell you.

1.New Recent Task Style.

I loved this task style. A little bit similar to the iPhone but it’s so good looking I loved this style.It pretty fast too.

2. Split App Style.

Xiaomi introduced the split app in miui 9update now the launching. The split app is above the Recent app. it’s Nice

3.Notification Area

Actually, it seems very much similar to the iPhone,I loved new brightness Widget in this UI its very smooth and responsive.

4.The App locking and Settings in UI.

The past was swipe style now its look touch style anyways it’s nice.

5. Top Notch Notification Area.

The Icons are changed a little bit .its Attract the eye well even in charge.


For the few days of usage, the phone looks so smooth are fast. One thing I have noticed is that some apps not working in this UI, Means if the app doesn’t support Fullscreen then it will definitely going to crash.The recent apps loading fast that’s very impressive. These are the few things I have noticed when using MIUI10.

Originally published at Able Chacko.