A new kind of search engine should deliver a concise yet complete answer in one try.
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IMHO it is impossible in a grand scheme of things. For a simple reason: semantics of a question depends on its context, but people very rarely provide enough information in their search queries to form a context for an ultimate (single-try) answer. Of course, it is possible to reach some, relatively high, level of accuracy, but that level will unlikely be high enough for critical one-shot questions (unless the Q&As are predefined like DuckDuckGo’s Instant Answers). I recall seeing similar efforts: Ask.com, for example. While Wolfram|Alpha maybe wants to be a general natural language-powered search engine, it absolutely fails in that (less fact-based knowledge), as it is heavily computation- and fact-based. For example, the it interprets the question “how to select a career?” as a movie-related question and answers with the relevant movie information. And this engine is subtitled “knowledge engine”… Considering significant expertise and advances of both Google and Microsoft in using deep learning for natural language processing, I find it very brave, if not totally crazy, to try to compete with these giants in an extremely competitive market. Having said that, it seems that Jelly is an interesting product and it might find a niche or two. Just my 2c. Good luck! :-)

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