ABLE Growth Model

ABLE Project
Mar 29, 2018 · 2 min read

ABLE Project #6

The Amazon Growth Model is a good model for explaining economies of scale and ecosystem growth. Amazon has created a circulation structure that allows more buyers and sellers to come together, as the economy of scale has revolutionized the cost structure and reflected this in the price.

The ABLE project has a strategy to flourish through a model in which users use the value achieved through economies of scale. Based on this, it is a model that evolves into a cryptocurrency financial platform.

The financial system of the ABLE project is a platform for building social trust. Economies of scale and network effects are important as they are platforms where various participants are connected, rather than fragmented simple payment services, unidirectional deposits, and loans.

On the ABLE Growth model, as the number of users gain, the accuracy of interest rates for investments and loans increases, and as many financial platform developers get together, the development of high quality funds will be achieved. The higher the liquidity, the higher the accuracy of the market interest rate determined by the investment-loan matching engine. The higher level of financial products developed through the competitive structure in which various fund products are developed benefits the users, enabling users to enjoy it. It’s possible. A higher user experience triggers more traffic, which in turn creates a circulation structure for new users.

The other loop in the ABLE Growth model is a platform for building trust across borders. You can manage your personal careers and project histories accurately through the blockchain. The company can build and publish various portfolios through the blockchain and share the operation with various stakeholders.

Blockchain technology is accelerating the development of cross-border businesses. The role of trust, which is built around the ABLE platform, will become important. Trust built through the ABLE platform will lead to a higher user experience through network effects and will be a catalyst to accelerate ABLE’s growth.

Crowd funding through ICO has become one of the new methods to start a business, and the cryptomarket will continue to expand. Currently, there is no platform to build trust in the crypto business, so there is a great deal of uncertainty about the business activity paid by cryptocurrency, which often leads to a loss of business.

The ABLE project is building a growth strategy that builds a platform of confidence in the ICO business model and the various business connections that result from it further expands its services. Due to the nature of financial markets, more users and traffic are directly linked to improved service quality. As more cryptocurrency finance models emerge, the use cases of crypto assets can expand to the area of ​​everyday life.

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