ABLE Leads Conference in Vietnam

The Korea-Vietnam Blockchain Ecosystem 2018

K-Blockchain is leading a conference in Vietnam, with many partners from around the world.

The conference will be about the ecosystem of blockchain among Korea and Vietnam, searching for the accelaration of the blockchain industry with the cooperation of both countries.

Speakers include CSO of the ABLE Project, Professor Thanh Dinh from Soongsil University, Medipedia, and many more.

The conference provides listeners newest information of the blockchain ecosystem, explaining the past, present, and future of the crypto market.

VC’s from Vietnam will be joining the conference as well, providing busniness opportunities for everyone joining the conference.

Lunch, Coffee breaks, and Networking periods will also be provided.

For more information, please visit the official site:

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Korea-Vietnam Blockchain Ecosystem

Professor Thanh Dinh from Soongsil University Dep., Infromation and Communications

Korea Blockchain Status and Strategy of Cooperation

Thomas Lee, CSO, K-Blockchain

Making Blockchain Real for Business in the Medical Field


The ABLE Project

HK Park, CMO, K-Blockchain

How Will Blockchain Optimise Business Processes?

Crypto Finance

Asina Blockchain Technology Infinity

The Blockchain Future

More partners, speakers, sponsors will be added and updated!