Fake Identities and Social Business Platforms

ABLE Project #5

Social responsibility of SNS and large portals such as Twitter, Facebook, has become a global issue in recent years. There are various issues, ranging from fake news on SNS channels, to SNS control by the nation. Fake ID’s are also a problem. Career-based SNS’s such as LinkedIn, provoke fake identity problems such as manipulation of career, construction of ghost companies, and eventually impersonating others. These threaten the reliability of society.

The ABLE project seeks to address the fake identity problem by providing a platform for paying, managing salaries through cryptocurrency. We will help a variety of business-related transactions and contracts to build credibility and make the most of businesses.

The company can pay cryptocurrency to employees and receive payments from a variety of cooperating partners. ABLE is a platform for recording and viewing various metadata as well as payment records. The metadata allows you to share links to the output of your project or to record a variety of comments. Because the company’s portfolio and history are kept in blockchains that cannot be tampered with and can be viewed by everyone, unnecessary processes are reduced, creating an environment where businesses can be conducted based on transparency and reliability.

Transparent career management is possible from the individual (employee) standpoint. It was not easy for job seekers to prove their personal career through LinkedIn or resumes, and job seekers also had difficulty assessing their personal careers. ABLE has the opportunity to build a reliable career by including results of projects and company information to the portfolio, then insert the information on the ABLE system. ABLE’s social business platform will be the starting point for creating trust processes in job and job markets.

Cryptocurrency has only been a matter of value transfer, but it has not yet been seen to prevent the forgery of data in the blockchain and the transparency that everyone can trust. The ABLE Project aims to build a business ecosystem that can be recognized by everyone based on the reliability and openness of the blockchain beyond the delivery of its value. This will not only create a global business that is not restricted to the borders, but will also contribute to eliminating the disparity in wealth of the world.