[SOUND PRODUCTION] Some Worthy Pages To Check

NOTE: I did not mean that ALL the content delivered by those pages is FREE, but there is some and it’s TOP NOTCH. I’ll be providing 2–3 verified sources per category as “Less is more” and those are the pages that helped me on my learning path A LOT so here we go:

> PRODUCTION & WORKFLOW: Vespers & WARP Academy, Nicks Tutorials, all materials by Timothy Allan (Groove3), Zencha Music (“Electronic Music Arrangement” book)

> MIXING: Graham Cochrane (The Recording Revolution) and TheProaudioFiles.com

> MASTERING: Ian Sheperd from Production Advice, David S. Eley from Mastering Tuition

> SCHOOLS: Point Bland, Dubspot, Quantize Courses

> MAGAZINES: SOS, Ask.Audio, AudioTuts+

10,000 hours, twice in one day

Basically, this is the theory that the key to becoming amazing at anything is to put in about 10,000 hours of focused practice. This — not innate talent — is the secret to mastering a domain.
Dennis DeSantis, Head of Documentation, Ableton AG.
The author of “Making Music: 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers.”