You Were a Misogynist Before Testosterone:
Rae Rosenberg

Wow, I listened to this podcast just the other day.
I am glad I read this article afterwards, it gave me a different view point. 
I think you are correct when you say that just because you used to be a woman, does not mean that its “impossible” for you to be a misogynist. 
However, I think Griffin should get some credit for being so brave expressing what his point of view of what was happening to his body was. I can only imagine it to be a confusing time, and trying to blame those emotions and thoughts on the testosterone rather than saying no this is who I am, I need to rein myself in and control myself. 
I hope he someday gets the chance to read this, because I think only when you have self realization can you make positive change and become a better person. I do not think he is a bad person for expressing his thoughts and feelings, but recognizing how they can be harmful is extremely important.

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