I fly “the friendly skies”…from time to time.

I would hate to work for an airline; passengers can be ruthless. Really, worse than any other type of customer I witness (many of them don’t even wash their hands when they go the bathroom…but that’s a topic for another time).

99% of the issues I see are a passenger being a jerk, usually as a result of delays completely out of the the hands of the person they are berating (the rest of the times it’s American*…).

I thought I’d seen it all, including several arrests (almost all drunk), but I’ve never seen a dragging. No matter what happened, there is no excuse for what occurred on that United flight. It sounds like the guy shouldn’t have been removed, but also overreacted if he was. If someone had to be removed it should have been one of the extra UA employees on the flight, especially after the passenger’s refusal. If a passenger had to be forcibly removed, for a legitimate reason, a deplaning should have occurred first.

Countless failures can be identified in this incident, all of which could have probably been avoided. This story will be part of customer service training for years to come. It will cost United significant compensation to this passenger. Incalculable damage has been done to the United brand.

By the way, overbooking makes sense (math), but it can’t be handled like this.

*Regarding American, as I’ve said before I probably would have voted for Trump if his slogan was “Make American Airlines Great Again”.

P.S. Delta, drag me off a plane some day and the little Diamond multi-million miler thing we’ve got going on is over…