Beautiful Boy

After reading a few of Nics first person blogs I found myself lost with a variety of emotions. I had seen things from his dads perspective throughout the novel and now I have a greater understanding of what Nic felt. First of all I never knew he had an older step brother, second of all I loved his advice to “get a dog”. Granted I understand how Nic could take offence to that I do find dogs to be a powerful form of therapy, my mom and I work with rescue and I have been surrounded by dogs my whole life. Nic basically says you really think you are in control and thats the trick it is like your own mind is lying to you, which is messed up. After reading these I understand how he did not come back despite his dads attempts to get him home or into rehab, Nic was not Nic. David writes about how Nic was not himself on meth which I understood from seeing people with addiction in my family, but hearing it and essentially seeing things through Nics eyes changes everything, it impacts the reader more. These articles really gave me a better understanding of the story as a whole because I was able to see things from another point of view.

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