Don’t Shop Adopt

According to ASPCA 1.2 million dogs are euthanized a year. People still purchase dogs from pet stores with a number that high, but pet stores get there puppies from puppy mills. 1,500 stores across the country sell between 300–400 thousand puppies each year 90% from out of state which is illegal according to Humane Society of the United States. Wondering how they are producing so many puppies? Once they find a suitable mother they keep her until she is ready to breed then for the 5 years they have her sit in a cage with no human interaction often malnourished until she can no longer breed where then often she killed. To top all of that off puppy mill puppies have the highest rate of fear compared to other dogs. The puppies, frequently inbred, are often sick, unsocialized or prone to genetic diseases. Even no kill shelters eventually have to euthanize dogs due to the rate they come in or the shelters will be shut down. Adopting from a shelter gives more options than most people realize and if more people stopped supporting pet companies which provides business for puppy mills than less dogs would be euthanized a year since it would reduce the amount of dogs sent to shelters.

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