In the end she cared, she cared about everything.

Her heart was a big broken vessel, cracked and glued, terra cotta red. Water spilled through its fine fractures. She just wanted to do it right. She just wanted to hold the sanctity of the world like she felt it inside, its bright beauty, its tremendousness. She wanted to shine it out.

This is how I care — I will know you. I will keep track. I will wash the floor beneath your feet. I will dust the rafters. I will light a candle. I will place each thing carefully on the plate before you.

Can you see this world, how it shines?

When she was young she felt it so big, like a mighty river. She bobbed in its currents with the driftwood and leaves. She thought that others would see it too. She was overtaken. She left herself behind trying to understand their ways.

But this journey is a circle and ends will meet.

Sometimes she welcomes herself home. She floats for a moment, buoyant in the giant sea. And sometimes the brittleness breaks in her still.


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