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Wade Mason

Yes I did look into how they do those ratings and it is quite complicated to understand. Modern Family was their number 1 comedy and it had a 2.1 rating and had 6.88 million viewers so not that different. They also had a -13% viewer change loss and a -18% demographic change loss in 18–49. Those percentages are almost both triple the percentage loss that Last Man Standing had in their most recent season. I’m looking at “” if you want to look.

It’s just sad to see a TV station push so many shows that have liberal themes to brainwash people and have them think that that’s how most of the world thinks (which it doesn’t). The show also shows people from conservative and liberal backgrounds living and working together in the world which I think is a very positive theme to convey. It’s just sad to see that leave.

I do understand how demographics work. They want to influence that category most because that’s the group of people that will be their customers for longer. So really, it’s kind of like they don’t care about old people. I’d also argue that old people would be the ones that would be most likely to be sitting around at home watching TV all day (retired, etc.) than younger people who are out and about with jobs, working, and taking care of the family.