Why I Moved Back to Cincinnati

It’s been almost a year since my wife and I decided to move back to Cincinnati. After spending just under a decade on the East, then the West coasts, I never thought I’d return, but the city transformed in a way that I never could have expected. The people of Cincinnati want their city to advance, to grow, and are supporting each other—progress is happening—from a neighborhood renaissance in Over-the-Rhine to burgeoning support for bike lanes and improved public transportation all around the city.

Here are the reasons that we decided to move back, which also serve as the reasons that I tell people they should visit, or even move to Cincinnati:

Northside, one of Cincinnati’s awesome neighborhoods

It’s really cheap to live in Cincinnati. I was having coffee with a guy from San Francisco and the shocked look on his face when I told him how much I paid for my house was priceless. I’m paying a third of what I paid for rent in Seattle for a house that I own, that’s considerably larger with parking. I didn’t just get a great deal or throw a lot of money into a down payment, this is what living in the Midwest is like. Property is just cheaper here, and that goes for groceries, restaurants, gas, parking… everything.

Entrepreneurs at a recent Startup Weekend in Cincinnati

There’s a growing startup scene that supports each other. I’m constantly amazed at the support that startups receive in Cincinnati, from investors, resources, events, and other startups. From VC-backed companies like ChoreMonster, to fledging concepts trying to form into companies, like Hot Pizzas, the winners of our first AngelHack, Cincinnati supports Cincinnati.

The Eagle, one of the many amazing restaurants in Cincinnati

There are amazing restaurants. If you know me, you know that I love food. A lot. And I’m not going to lie, the moment when I knew that we had to move back occurred while eating at The Rookwood in Mt. Adams, where I realized that there were world-class restaurants in Cincinnati. You may think that food in Cincinnati is just chili, cheese, and spaghetti, but a delicious, unique meal that would cost $100 for two people in Seattle is only about $30 in Cincinnati—take that, big cities!

Music Hall, an example of awesome architecture in Cincinnati

The city is beautiful and people are making sure it stays that way. Cincinnati is full of beautiful art deco buildings like Carew Tower and Netherland Plaza, and Union Terminal, and hey, did you know that the model for the Brooklyn Bridge is in Cincinnati? You could spend the entire day admiring our buildings, and efforts like Save our Icons are making sure the best, most unique buildings in Cincinnati are preserved forever.

So, come stay in one of our amazing hotels (e.g. this or this), visit some of our amazing startups (e.g. this one, this one, and not even feeling bad about mentioning this one), and eat at some of our amazing restaurants (e.g. this one, this one, and oh man, you have to try this one).

You may just fall in love with Cincinnati and stay.




A “product person” working on something new. Ex-Amazon, Indeed. Coffee enthusiast.

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Alex Bowman

Alex Bowman

A “product person” working on something new. Ex-Amazon, Indeed. Coffee enthusiast.

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