ESPN’s Jemele Hill and Michael Smith; Doing What you Love and Doing it Right.

As the Pete and Bonnie Axthelm Memorial Lecture begins it is succumb to the tragic that is technical difficulties. Oddly enough this could not be an event more beautifully constructed by fate to go along with Michael Smith and Jemele Hill’s inspirational lecture.

An avid sports fan the opportunity to meet and listen to Smith and Hill meant so much more than an extra credit opportunity. There I was thinking we would talk about Dwayne Wade, Jimmy Butler or The Warriors.

Although there was a centralized focus on Kobe Bryant’s big night tonight, it was tied into an inspirational lecture full of advice for college students with the idea of doing what you love and doing it right.

“The best way to get to ESPN is to not get to ESPN.. it’s not about the destination.. it’s about how good can you be where you are” -Jemele Hill

The reporters/journalists describe their own experience of their career. How constant hustle, weekends spent at their internships and facing ridicule from within their workplace.

Rather than write more about their lecture here are the main things I took away from them:

1. Do what you are good at and make sure you enjoy it.

You cannot set goals that are not tailored to your strengths. Know who you are!

2. Your expectations will always be higher than the ones other have for you.

You are your biggest critic. Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from them. No one will be harder on you than yourself.

3. “Get Better at being Yourself”

A direct quote that is the theme of this lecture. In any field it is important to be yourself and sell your brand. People do not tune into his&hers to hear the coverage of a specific sport or athlete. They tune in because they want to hear the show and the style it is.

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