The Road Map Factory

From the moment a newborn enters this world, he is given a road map, a very clear road map with each destination marked very disinctively and a couple of wide, well-trodden paths leading to it. The first destination to reach for everyone is school and in order to start school you need to learn to crawl, walk, talk. In school you learn to read, do maths, some physics, probably even some computer science — because what is a person in this age without computer skills — until you are at the all set up to enter college. In college you are further molded to perfectly fit into our organized society. When you finish college you are fully formed to enter the workforce, where you stay until retirement. Finally you would have some freedom to do what you want. Just sad that you don’t have the energy to do it. The few people that dare to side-step this path, are quickly shot down by the endless bureaucracy that will follow them thereafter. We know from history that every so often the discontent among the population reaches its boiling point, resulting in unrest, strikes, revolutions and change.

Recently this started to occur again. The number of people that wanted to trod off the well-walked road has started to grow. The internet has given people all over the world a medium to connect and exchange ideas, thoughts and opinions. Millenials who grew up with the idea that they can be anything, achieve anything, do anything, have put a damper on the sales of the road map. Millenials do not need a map, they do not want to spend their days in a monotonic and systematic way, they want excitement, adventure, to follow their passion. Even the usually well-behaved working class started to walk the unwalked paths: they were tired of the way our society was organized. They wanted change. And change they got. The multiple referendums we had over the past years resulting in most famously the Brexit; the US presidential elections, with the fairly unexpected outcome.

The road map factory was unhappy, their power seemed to be diminishing. All of the promotion and commercials they had been running did not have the sought-after effect. The CEOs of the factory decided to boost the sales again by starting some new campaigns. In the Guide for Road Map Factories, there is one technique which has always proven to work: the planned chaos campaign. The idea is simple, one creates chaos all over the world — and luckily for the factory already quite some chaos was going on in the world, possibly from their past campaigns — this chaos then creates fear, a fear of the unknown. And it is this fear that will force the population back to the familiar feeling of walking on the well-walked paths.

If this does not work, the factory has quite a few other tricks up its sleeve in order to push the sales of the roadmap back to the expectatations. As long as we live in a capitalist democracy, the main drive will always be money and the sidesteps humanity makes are bounded by the need for money. This, and the sales from the growing population, are for now enough to keep the investors of the road map factory happy. Let’s just hope for the investors’ sake that nothing too radical happens that might endanger their profits. No one gets the crazy idea of implementing capitalism or enforce birth quota. This would put a damper on the investors’ upcoming holiday, force them to actually do some work in order to recover the status-quo and return to their steady income-flow.

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