The Health Challenge


Easter Sunday is a day my family looks forward to each year! After coming out of the long journey of Lent, an incredible week of Pascha at Church — including Good Friday & the Resurrection Feast — we were excited to have the entire Church community over our house. We would be preparing made-to-order omelets, Nutella covered bacon, and a bunch of other food. Some of you might be wondering “what else was on the menu?” Like I said, “Omelets & Nutella Covered Bacon!” Easter Sunday had arrived!

Things Had Gotten Really Bad

Fast forwarding about 12 hours, as I sat on the couch following a day of “heavy snacking” — with a bow

l of ice cream in one hand and a cup of “shay bi laban” (hot tea with milk) in the other — I was enjoying great conversation with my wife and two of my closest friends. And then I felt it; something in my body did not feel right! But everyone was tired so we all went straight to bed, and I decided to deal with it in the morning. The next day, after climbing out of bed, I decided to climb unto the scale in the bathroom. Man, was I in shock! Let’s just say my weight had peaked! What was I to do?

Then It Happened

Before our friends got on the road to head back home to Virginia, my friend Monica invited me to join her in a health challenge. Interestingly this is the same friend, who a few months before,

looked at me very matter-of-factly and said “No offense, but you’re getting fat!” (Just as a side note, saying “no offense” does not make the subsequent statement any less offensive).