So you want to get your product on QVC. That makes sense, considering the channel broadcasts to more than 350 million homes, is worth over 8 billion, and has a repeat customer rate of over 90%.

But before you spend precious time and resources trying to get on, it’s essential to learn about the company and answer the following questions, either by yourself or by hiring a manufacturers rep.

  • Is my product right for QVC?
  • Is my company ready for QVC?
  • Would a different company be a better fit?

Is My Product Right For QVC?

These companies started out completely digital and built their brands through social media. However, as these companies grew and established themselves, they decided to get their products in brick-and-mortar locations as well as continue their original DTC strategy.

Direct to consumer models are great, especially for businesses just starting out. But for many companies, once they have a great product with sales data, it makes sense to hire a sales rep and get it into physical locations as well.


You have your product, and you’ve always dreamed of seeing it on Walmart’s shelves. This is a fantastic dream to have for your business, but unfortunately, if you’re not adequately prepared, it won’t become a reality. The truth is that there are dozens of steps in your business’s journey before you get that coveted Walmart purchase order. While it may take a lot of hard work and ultimately some luck to get on the Walmart shelves, there’s a ton of preparation you can do to give your product its best fighting shot.

Do You Look Ready?

In the world of…

Every business owner wants their product to pop on the shelves, but it’s just as important that your product pops in photos as well. Whether it’s in e-commerce where a picture is all the customer is going to see, printed on the packaging itself, for your website, or your Replogic profile, every product needs high quality, professional looking photos.

So how do you get great photos? If you don’t have the budget to hire a professional, you can take them yourself. It just requires learning a little bit about photography. …

In this series, we interview experienced sales reps who know what it takes to get products on shelves. For this article, we sat down with Drew Sfugaras, a Co-Founder of Replogic. Drew is a sales rep with over 20 years of experience and has worked with brands including Home Depot, Costco, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lowe’s, QVC, and Target.*

R: How do you decide whether or not to take on a product?

D: Typically I make decisions pretty quickly. …

Pricing your product is one of those decisions that’s guaranteed to cause stress. Entrepreneurs go round and round wondering what to do, and even once a decision is made, the price rumination keeps going.

Although the constant obsessing about price may be stressful, it can also be useful. No product’s price can stay the same forever, and experimenting with different prices allows you to get real data about how much people will pay for your product.

Every product’s price journey is different. Depending on your industry, region, competition and many other factors, you’ll have to make educated guesses about where…

After all the hard work of taking a product from dream to reality, entrepreneurs must face another huge hurdle: how do I get my product on store shelves?

That requires grabbing the attention of a buyer and getting that coveted purchase order. Sales reps are experts in this field, they see thousands of products a year, and only a few stand out. To make the cut with them, and eventually the buyer, your products have to excel at the 4 P’s: Problem, Packaging, Price, and People.

1) The Problem

All entrepreneurs have a special connection with their products. Whatever they’re selling, they were so compelled by this product that they turned their life upside down just for a chance to bring it to others. However, it’s not enough to love your product; entrepreneurs need to convince others they need it too. And since it’s not possible to talk to every potential customer, the packaging has to speak for itself.

Good packaging does one thing really well: it communicates to the customer on behalf of you. Think of your packaging like an inanimate sales rep, when people are walking by…

There’s no way around it: if you want to succeed in business, you’re going to need a website, and that website has to make a good impression. Nothing turns off customers, buyers, and other valuable potential contacts like a disorganized, difficult to navigate website written in comic sans. When someone is deciding whether or not to do business with you, your website is like a canary in the mine. …

So you have your product, and you’re ready to apply to Walmart. Although there are many different ways you can apply to get on the shelves, all of them require having a bunch of nuts and bolts business information.

All the following items are for domestic companies only and can be found on Walmart’s supplier checklist. Although these details aren’t particularly flashy or fun, they’re necessary to have before you can even have a Walmart buyer think about stocking your products. …

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