Fusuma which can create slides with MarkDown easily has been released.🎉

What is Fusuma?

Fusuma is a CLI providing development environment, production build, deploying, exporting as PDF, and etc.

fusuma is a bridge which converts MarkDown to HTML, also it wraps configure(e.g. babel, webpack) like create-react-app.


You can get cool slides just doing the following.

$ npm i fusuma -D
$ npx fusuma init
$ mkdir slides && echo ‘# Hello😄’ > slides/title.md
$ npx fusuma build
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just write in MarkDown and execute with…

I talked about ECMAScript Modules at Dubin Node.js meetup. I made comments to deepen your understanding.


meetup, my slides


I will refer to ECMAScript Modules as ESM and CommonJS Modules as CJS.

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First, Thanks to all the Dublin engineers for inviting me. I have been living in Dublin for one month now and I feel very comfortable.

Node.js v12 was released on 23rd April🎉🎉🎉

In addition, Node.js v6 will be End-of-life on 30th April.

Node v12.0.0 (Current)



Create a CLI that supports to release with 1 command without writing webpack, Babel, Postcssetc setting file.

And make a slide with markdown only.

It can quickly create a slide and release it quickly.


This code is here.

What it can do · What it can not do

what it can do

What it can not do

Expressing animation is difficult because a slide is written by Markdown.

However, you can write a slide as HTML and extend JS.


You just execute the following three lines for executing, generating and deploying slides. …

$ npm i sweetpack --save-dev

What’s sweetpack?

sweetpack helps you build your environment of webpack and babel.
sweetpack hides all common settings of webpack and babel, you are not taking the time to write the configuration.

Every time I make a simple application I am tired of writing similar configuration files.

This was a motivation for my development.


webpack can do anything so I think it is very difficult to abstract.
So, the goal is to help you build a simple application at first.
Also, the target is web.

What can sweetpack do?

sweetpack supports the following.

Hi :)

I have released 0.1.0 of the CSS Framework that built by React called Scuba.

I started development from 11/28.

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The reason I came up with this was because the other day, when I wanted to revamped my web site, I came to realize it is very difficult to decide on how to allocate colors.

I wanted CSS Framework which allocates colors to some degree, and went about developing it.

Scuba’s goal is simple: to standardize the colors on a page, and allocate colors. Scuba’s feature is a set of five themes providing two sub-colors. These are reflected within components called Containers. The user only needs to decide on the background color. (Of course, the theme and sub-colors can be changed!) …



I love JavaScript🤭

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